Can you keep your sleeping and sitting to 23.5 hours per day?

I don’t konw who’s reading along anymore really. There seems to be a lot of fitness enthusiasts, some fitness professionals, a few from the scientific community, some from the health and prevention occupation and likely a lot of other people. As a consequence, it’s hard to know what post will be relevant to whom, especially for this one ;o)

I went to the congress of the Danish society of sports medicine (and sports physiotherapy) in Kolding, where the renowned doctor, sports scientist and editor and editor at British Journal of Sports Medicine, Karim Khan made an excellent presentation on aging and physical activity. He dedicated the last 10 minutes or so of his presentation to a video produced by a friend of his explaining some very interesting facts about the dose/response relationship of physical activity and health.

And here’s the video. Share it with your mom – she needs it.


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  1. Souvenir Pernikahan on 2013-05-27 at 05:46

    nice post bro, thanks.

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